People Sitting and Holding Various Emoticons Masks

I was watching television this morning and a person was talking about anger as an emotion and if you put a “D” in front of the word “anger” it becomes the word “danger.” It made me think about one of my previous articles I wrote about “Are You Having That Difficult Conversation?” and how when emotions supersede…

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Integrity At Its Best

A typewriter machine with a statement Moment of Truth

Do you follow your moral and ethical convictions and do the right thing in all circumstances even if no one is watching? Or do you pretend to have integrity and strong moral and ethical convictions to gain people’s trust yet your intentions are everything but that? Your integrity says a lot about your character and will certainly affect…

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“That is Not What I Expected”

A one-way arrow

A seasoned manager recently shared his challenges about one of his employees.  The manager was frustrated because he would delegate work to this employee and most of the time what the employee delivered was not what the manager expected. In further speaking to the manager, he said “I communicate, communicate, and communicate but the employee still…

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What Do You Immediately Notice?

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Have you ever looked at someone and within seconds formed a lasting first impression?  A first impression, which at the time seems justified, impacts how you interact with that person now and in the future.It happens all the time. However, in many cases the first impressions we make are wrong. Brain research reveals we are hard-wired…

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Are You Having That Difficult Conversation?

A wire

You know, the time when your heart starts beating fast, your mouth gets dry, your thoughts get flooded with so much emotion you don’t know how to think? A recent President once said, “sometimes when people are under stress, they hate to think, and it’s the time when they most need to think.”Funny, though, how in…

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