Gaining Back Some Control

Given we are living in an environment of unprecedented change and uncertainty it is human nature to look for ways to create normalcy, something that feels familiar, safe, and stable.  Finding best ways to cope requires some level of self-reflection to truly understand how we feel when what is happening in the world seems so darn out of our control. 

We know our thoughts influence how we feel and impact our actions.  Taking stock of what you are thinking to influence how you feel is important in order to avoid a chain reaction in your brain that produces actions that are not what you want.

One way to help yourself think differently is to have a mindset that encourages problem solving. Having this type of mindset, allows you to find ways to gain a level of control and influence over situations that seem out of your control, like the current environment.

Here are some tips for your consideration:

Step 1:

Realize that 3 levels of control exist:

•      What you have control over completely (e.g. our thoughts, feelings, actions)

•      What you have influence over (e.g. family, friends, co-workers, boss, local community)

•      What you have little or no control over (e.g. world politics, laws, government decisions, natural disasters, pandemics)

Step 2:

Given the current environment, where we may feel little or no control, it is important to identify what you actually have control over as well as what you can influence. In doing so, you not only gain back some level of control and influence for yourself but in some cases, you can indirectly help the areas where you feel little or no control.

Step 3:

Use this information to influence your thoughts, feelings and ultimately the actions you take to cope with the current environment in the best way possible.

We have more control and influence than we realize.

Take time to self-reflect and find ways to problem solve and help others do the same.

Be Safe. Be Well.

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