Classroom Feedback

“I really like the classes that I have taken with Jennifer! I feel like she is super easy to understand and walks the line so well between presenting info and asking for participation. I would love to be able to do more trainings with her.”
July 2022

I thought the class about managing meetings was very helpful. Jennifer is always an engaging instructor. I would love to receive the slides for the course as a resource. I thought all the content was useful, nothing to subtract.”
July 2022

"I thought this was an excellent program. Very engaging in an organic way."
April 2022

"Jennifer is fantastic - she has an amazing ability to keep us on time and topic, engage the entire audience and to create a safe space to share"
January 2022

"Thank you Jen for making this such an engaging and wonderful learning experience. Cannot be easy with everything virtual 🙂 You were great at creating an environment where we felt comfortable being open and honest throughout the discussions and breakouts :)"
December 2020

"This was an extremely engaging course led by a fantastic teacher, Jennifer, in a company of such esteem colleagues. Listening to real examples based on work experience was so helpful and enabled me to relate to the issues I experience with my staff"
February 2020

"I have attended many trainings like this in my 20-year career, and I found this one led by Jennifer to be the most on topic and helpful. The 12 hours for the program were well organized and succinct; impactful and helpful for this work environment. It was helpful to learn that department heads have done the training, and that staff at all levels have. This will be very helpful going forward with improving the work environment. Thanks for all the hard work to pull this off." January 2020

​"Jen was a fantastic instructor. She was so good at keeping us moving positively, and despite all the projects at my desk trying to pull my attention away kept me really engaged. If we ever have her teach any other programs, I will certainly be signing up."
February 2019

"A quick note to say thank you for your time and connection with my group and others over the course of all your sessions. It is obvious your presence is genuine and heartfelt. Although I’m sure you encounter many of us approaching these sessions with an air of cynicism, the topics discussed are so positive to actively think about. The time away from the desk - even though work did keep building - was a time to breathe and reflect on ourselves and peers."
February 2019

"Jennifer was wonderful! Very thoughtful, engaging and eloquent. She made sure everyone felt included for some hard conversations and examples. Personally, she helped me deal with situation in an effective way. Really appreciated her as a choice to run the sessions."

"The speaker was highly effective, is very good at what she does. I like how people weren't called on, but you definitely felt comfortable speaking up. I also appreciated the take home materials."

"The workshop and facilitation was done with the utmost professionalism and integrity. I was very impressed and felt like we were in good hands throughout the process. Thank you!"

​"Jennifer really incorporated what we had discussed with her prior to the training. All the sections were completely relevant to things we needed to work on, and she came across as very friendly and made us feel comfortable right away. The training exceeded my expectations and I really hope we all, myself included, start utilizing her techniques in our daily (personal and professional) lives."

"Jennifer was amazing. The seven hours went by very quickly. She engaged everyone, even if they were hesitant to be engaged when they walked in the room. She was quick on her feet, and ready to answer any questions that came up. I would recommend training like this for all or most departments."

"Facilitator was wonderful, professional, funny, expert, well done!"

"Jennifer was absolutely wonderful. Would appreciate taking other courses with her. Thought the assessments were extremely helpful and eye-opening!"

"The instructor was great and knew her subject well. Her handouts and activities were relevant to the training."

"I found these sessions incredibly helpful. Jennifer was very kind and knowledgeable and helped me to feel comfortable in a situation where I typically am not. I feel like I now have a stronger skill set and can be more of an asset to my staff and team."

"Jennifer kept us all engaged and there was no time to get bored."

"I've been through quite a bit of corporate training for various topics and am painfully aware how soft skill training can be met with resistance. I was very impressed with Jen's delivery and ability to keep the content relevant without it being too 'over the top'. "

"The presenter, Jennifer Miraglia, was probably one of the best we've had for a program at [our company]. The day flew by and the group was fully engaged in the training."

"To be honest, Jennifer was the best. She displayed diagrams and spoke in a clear pattern. She taught me a better understanding on how to become a better team leader. It was a pleasure."

"Jennifer is a very polished presenter who engages her audience and maintains their attention with her enthusiasm, experience and excellent presentation style."

"Jennifer was the glue of the group, making sure that we follow together. Good memory of the faces and names of the participants. Very sociable."

"The training program was excellent. Jennifer was great. The examples she used and the way she used real-life examples were excellent. I wouldn't change anything."

"I thought Jennifer was great. Enthusiastic, engaging, well spoken, very professional, encouraged group participation, engaged with the presenters well. Nice job."

"I liked Jennifer's personal stories - it helped to apply concepts to real world situations."

"Jennifer did a great job engaging all of the members. Jennifer is very professional and I learned as much from her facilitation as I did the subject matter - well done."

"Jennifer is a great facilitator - easy to understand and great flow. Useful tips that can be used immediately."

"Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you again for the great course. I learned a lot about how to properly communicate with my staff, I plan on putting much of what I learned to use in the future. Along with the class being educational, it was a lot of fun as well. Thanks again, you did a great job!"

"This was a great instructor. Jennifer had a meaningful class. In depth conversation and brought out participation. Had complete knowledge.”

"I believe Jennifer did a wonderful job, great personality and involved the group in everything."

"Jennifer did an excellent job facilitating this program Especially valuable - her example of the man with the box holding the special violin - it established empathy and set the stage for listening - and its value. Thank you for providing an excellent program and a valuable toolbox for improving communication for results that we can practice."

"I thought Jennifer was very pleasant to talk and work with. She was very informative, helpful, and friendly."

"Good speaker, not tiresome."

"Strong facilitator, kept the seminar interesting by encouraging participation and including collaborative projects."

"Jennifer really helped things run smoothly and was very professional and knowledgeable."

"Just a note to say “thank you” for your outstanding approach, care and affection regarding our [program] last week. Your entire presentation techniques, interactions, feedback, subject matter and genuine interest made all the difference in getting the objectives and message across. I am so delighted for the opportunity and would recommend this program to our management teams in California. Wishing you the best for many more successful sessions."