Let’s Share… Our Best Practices “Leading Virtually” Around the World

In today’s world, we are all facing a common challenge, one that unites us in many ways.  Let’s leverage this common experience to unite all leaders of people from around the world in sharing one best practice for leading teams virtually. 

QUESTION: “What is one action you have taken as a leader of people that has substantially helped your virtual team stay emotionally connected and able to perform their best?”

In other words, what is that one non-negotiable action you take, that if you stopped tomorrow, would instantly affect the emotional connection and performance of your team?


If I receive over 50 responses (enough to provide meaningful themes), I will aggregate the feedback and share a Part II to this article. It will easily show the collective key themes from your responses that you can consider applying to your own leadership wheelhouse as we lead in this virtual environment.

Let’s spread the wealth of our wisdom now!


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