Delegating for Career Advancement

A notebook with delegating notes

Let me ask you some self-reflective questions… “When you were promoted to a leader of people, were you promoted because of your technical expertise? “When you were promoted to a leader of people, were you asked if you want to lead others?” “Did you think leading people is an expectation of your organization in order to advance…

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Ask for “Feedback” or “Advice?”

A woman wearing an orange top

An important ingredient to our success is to certainly know our strengths and ways to continually develop.  This requires a growth mindset in that we believe we get better at something by the dedication of time, effort, and energy to achieve what we want. Asking for feedback is a good place to start in that it helps…

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A frame with You Are Who You Decide to Become statement

When you have a time or an event that you question your worth… If you are good enough  If you are doing right by your team If you can refrain from getting sucked into your triggers If you can perform your best because of the pressure and competition If your anxiousness will be all consuming…

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Catching Emotions

A net

Throughout my career I have worked with leaders to help them strengthen their leadership skills and create high performing teams.  In many ways, this involves the first step of 1) self-awareness to determine what you do well and what you may need to improve as well as the second step of having a 2) growth mindset. Having self-awareness…

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An Interaction with a Stranger

A shopping basket full of grocery items

Over eleven years I was employed at a financial organization that prided itself on customer service.  So much so, that for the time I worked there, customer service became a core value of mine.  Everywhere I go, I have high standards for customer service excellence.  It also impacted my core values when I opened my own consulting business…

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How Do You Change Perspective?

A crystal

We have all experienced times when our opinions or beliefs greatly differ from another person.  Diversity of perspective is certainly an essential ingredient to successful businesses and individuals. It helps us see past what comes naturally to determine what else is worth considering. Yet, too often we find ourselves not being open to another person’s perspective,…

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Leading Confidently in Today’s Environment

A maze and a bulb

As many have used the phrase, “we are in unprecedented times” with three remarkably historic events simultaneously occurring: global pandemic, economic volatility and racial unrest.   Our emotional, mental and physical capacities are certainly being put to the test. The question becomes how, as leaders of people, we can ensure the emotional, mental and physical well-being of…

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Let’s Share… Our Best Practices “Leading Virtually” Around the World

Wooden people icons

In today’s world, we are all facing a common challenge, one that unites us in many ways.  Let’s leverage this common experience to unite all leaders of people from around the world in sharing one best practice for leading teams virtually.  QUESTION: “What is one action you have taken as a leader of people that has substantially helped your virtual team…

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Gaining Back Some Control

A reset button

Given we are living in an environment of unprecedented change and uncertainty it is human nature to look for ways to create normalcy, something that feels familiar, safe, and stable.  Finding best ways to cope requires some level of self-reflection to truly understand how we feel when what is happening in the world seems so…

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Thank You For Brightening My Day

A sun

It is always a pleasure to facilitate learning experiences for my clients.  Many times these forums bring together leaders who work for the same organization yet don’t have the “luxury of time” to truly interact and reflect with one another as a collaborative team. I have found when you bring leaders together and there is openness…

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