When you have a time or an event that you question your worth…

  • If you are good enough 
  • If you are doing right by your team
  • If you can refrain from getting sucked into your triggers
  • If you can perform your best because of the pressure and competition
  • If your anxiousness will be all consuming


Ask yourself…

“At the end of that time or event how do you want to remember yourself to be?”

As a form of visualization which is “to form a picture of something in your mind,” you will be surprised that by asking this simple question before a stressful event, meeting, interaction, or whatever it may be, how it can “reset” your mind to triumph over self-doubt and give you the courage needed to shape your outcomes.  

So when you ask yourself this question, the answer is exactly how you want to show up.  The best you.

Give it a try next time you have self-doubt and remember, it is a “moment in time” whether it’s 15 minutes, 1 hour, a day, a week or even months.  It has a beginning, middle, and end.  Create the memory you want it to be.  Let me know how it goes!

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