Program Design

At JM Consulting Group, we pride ourselves in developing and designing content that is completely custom for each client.   Our theory is custom design allows for the most creative thinking and always yields the best work because it is ensures you are fully present with the true needs of the client in front of you.   No short cuts.

We begin with a healthy dialogue with our clients on the direction of the organization (current and future goals), drivers for current request for support and a bunch of open-ended questions.  Sometimes one-to-one interviews or focus groups are included as part of the upfront needs assessment to best understand needs.

Next, we gather all the research we already have as well as begin new research on the best practices associated with the topics at hand.  We gather a robust, rich, array of content to work with as we begin formulating a plan for design of training.

We create an outline of the training that includes the topics chosen, learning objectives for each topic, types of activities for each topic, timing associated with each topic, and method(s) of learning.  Once we discuss and finalize with clients full input and engagement we begin the actual design work.

How We Do it?

We begin with a blank computer screen.  The best way to equate this is to writing a book.  You begin with the goal in mind and how you want the information to flow to yield the most memorable impressions and sustainable learning.

We ensure all training is experiential and every 30 minutes (or less) create participant activities (whether individual, paired, or group) to engage participants and keep them energized and ready to learn.

We ensure reflection and action planning after every topical area to help participants best retain their learnings and applications to job.

We make it simple and applicable.  We are not didactic in nature, we don't preach and speak for long periods of time with lots of PowerPoint slides one after another.  We are all about full engagement and increasing dialogue and interaction as much as possible.