Climate Assessments

Many  organizations conduct annual "employee opinion surveys" or "climate surveys."   And, many times the results of these surveys create more questions than answers.

As a result, clients ask for help in better understanding the reasons for the low percent favorable responses.  Often clients will ask:

  • What are driving these results? 
  • What do employees mean by this? 
  • What should we do?

Our approach is to be as inclusive and transparent as possible in the process.   It is a very vulnerable time for everyone. 

Our approach involves:

  • Working with the client to uncover the real reasons behind the low percent favorable responses.  Typically this involves interviews with the leadership team (collectively and one-to-one) as well as focus groups with all employees within the department / business (or if too large of a group a representative sampling of employees).
  • Specific questions are asked consistently of all participants and notes are generated. 
  • A full thematic analysis is completed and presented back to the leadership team AND a similar version to all the employees in the group.   The overall themes and verbatim comments (with no names attached) are shared as a message that "we are all in this together."   Action steps generated from the interviews and focus groups are shown as well as recommendations from JM Consulting Group.
  • The intent is to provide the results to the client in a way that is clear and action-oriented to build sustainability and change overtime.