Leadership Development

At JM Consulting Group, we look at leadership as the way for everyone to succeed and feel part of a winning culture that inspires the best in all.

The types of leadership work we focus on build on the belief that everyone can develop and strengthen their leadership skills. Moreover, leadership is not about developing empires and hierarchies that disconnect people. Rather, that leadership is about...

  • Inspiring others
  • Creating open, free-flowing dialogues between managers and employees
  • Demonstrating active listening - a true desire to value and learn from another person's perspective
  • Showing respect and acknowledging good work
  • Having opportunities to share thoughtful feedback
  • Nurturing ongoing development and learning

All of these can transform mundane work into work that intrinsically engages everyone to excel and be most creative.

Types of Services Include:

  • Providing strategic leadership consultation
  • Providing executive coaching
  • Facilitating business off-sites
  • Facilitating leadership training

Types of Leadership Training Topics Include:

  • Strategic vision and direction
  • High-performance culture
  • Communicating for engagement
  • Motivating and engaging others
  • Building trust
  • Delegating
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Difficult conversations
  • Active Listening
  • Managing change
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Developing high-performance teams
  • Interviewing for top talent
  • Leadership legacy

Don't see a topic you are interested in? No problem. At JM Consulting Group, it is our job to research whatever the client requests and customize learning to meet those needs. We pride ourselves on our creativity, connecting the dots to business priorities, and offering leadership programs that feel personalized and targeted.

Additionally, we believe self-awareness is the first step to any great leader. As a result, we use various assessment tools to help leaders better understand their behaviors, styles, and motives as they learn how best to lead others.