Facilitation and Training

At JM Consulting Group, we pride ourselves in our facilitation and training.   This specialty sets us apart from the rest. 


   We make it personal- we take the right amount of time to understand your organization, it's culture and climate as well as the specific needs of the stakeholders involved and the participants at hand.

   We connect- we assess the audience  and intuitively flex our style and communication of content in ways that best meet the needs of the people in front of us.

   We are open to debate- we encourage diversity of thought and problem solving through some tougher types of content or situations in order to truly tap into the best learnings.

   We care- we treat our clients and participants with the utmost respect and dedication always going the extra mile.  They feel our authenticity.

   We make learning applicable-  we engage with participants in a way that helps personalize and embed learning as well as sustain learning overtime.

And, of course, most importantly,  we develop relationships where participants feel comfortable and trust is quickly built among each other.  We go beyond the surface level of learning and enable participants to share what is at the core of their issues or challenges.  This creates for a safe environment, nurtures support and networking relationships as well as a more enjoyable and valuable time for everyone.