Diversity / Micro-Inequities

One of our favorite topics here at JM Consulting Group.  We strongly believe the best way to succeed in an organization is for each and every individual to feel:

  • Valued
  • Respected
  • Acknowledged

This can be done designing programs that focus on topics such as emotional intelligence, communication and listening skills as well as feedback and coaching.

However,  "Micro-inequities" training takes these concepts and applies them real-time to EVERYONE.    Mary Rowe of MIT coined the terms micro-inequities and micro-advantages in 1973.  Here is a brief overview of what micro-inequities is and how we can send negative or positive messages to one another that affects our self-esteem and morale.


  • A pattern of subtle, semi-conscious devaluing messages that discourages and impairs performance, leads to damaged self-confidence and withdrawal
  • Can take the form of words, actions, or omissions
  • Are cumulative


  • Small, semi-conscious messages we send and receive that tell others what we really think
  • Reveals core feelings
  • Typically we send 2,000 to 4,000 positive and negative micro-messages each day
  • We send anywhere from 40 to 50 micro-messages to each other in the space of a one minute conversation


  • Subtle or apparently small acknowledgements of a person's value and accomplishments
  • Conveys inclusion, respect, trust and genuine willingness to see others succeed
  • May lead to a more productive and efficient work environment where all members feel valued and enjoy work
  • Boosts morale

Why It's Important?

  • Helps create engaged colleagues working their best to produce extraordinary results
  • Fosters behaviors that support a healthy company culture
  • Retains talent
  • Maximizes individual and team contributions
  • Helps create an inclusive work environment