Competency Development

Competency is defined by the "knowledge, skills and abilities" of an individual.  

Here, at JM Consulting Group, we work with leaders to understand an organizations current versus future state and the gaps.  It is with this knowledge that the beginning stages of competency development can happen.

Organizations typically request competency development for:

  • Full organization - that cuts across all levels and departments/businesses
  • Specific departments or businesses  - unique to their respective type of work and that can include a break down by level for career development purposes

Depending on the organizations' needs, and requests, we can vary the way competencies are developed.  For example...

  • Traditional full blown analysis - interviewing top performers from across the organization or department/business and at different levels (a statistically representative sampling)
  • Interviewing or conducting focus groups with targeted audience

Overall, the process is a partnership with the organization, with many revisions, and input being shared to ensure, in the end, the competencies developed are inspiring, behaviorally-based, clearly articulated, and align to the direct needs within the organization.


Many of our clients apply or link the competencies developed to:

  • Recruitment
  • Talent conversations
  • Performance management
  • Career development
  • Training and development